All completed trucks are customized to owners specifications  Shop and design time is an hourly rate of $115.00 per hour.  Change orders to projects must be submitted by email.






The Brutal Truth

Estimates are just that - they are estimates. Rtech Fabrications knows you want the best when having your vehicle restored. This is your dream project, your baby that you are entrusting us to make perfect. With that, the conversation always turns to "How much will it cost". Sadly, this is where we say "I don't know." 


There are several unknowns that we cannot take into account until the restoration has started. One being that we may find concern areas after stripping the car to bare metal. Other unknowns may consist of concern areas in the engine that cannot be found until a component is taken apart, or a component that may not be serviceable or rebuilt, original parts that are missing or broken that are necessary for the completion of the restoration that will need to be purchased, concern areas under carpet or upholstery and any other areas that cannot be inspected without taking a component or a part of the car apart.



Below is a rough idea of some of the process and costs that can be acquired while working on your vehicle. 


  • Body disassembly 

  • Frame disassembly, repair/restore, clean up, paint, assembly

  • Suspension disassembly, repair/restore, assembly 

  • Brakes disassembly repair/restore, assembly

  • Drivetrain disassembly, repair/restore, clean up, paint, assembly


The above can be anywhere between 250 to 450 hours and with the shop rate at $100.00, costs could run between $25,000 and $45,000.00 just for this part of the restoration alone. Rust repair, a major component of the process, can add upward to an additional 100 + plus hours and we haven't even covered paint. Also remember we do have time in research, design, and acquiring parts.


This isn't to discourage or dissuade anyone from Rtech Fabrications or seeking out to have your dream project restored, but to be upfront and honest on the process and costs that are associated with frame-off restoration.