Rtech Fabrications is a full on restoration shop specializing in 67-72 GM trucks. From frame-off to minor rust repairs, we do it all. 

We can build a beautiful show truck (and we will) but we prefer to build a beautiful working truck that you can hop into and tow your toy of choice anywhere you need to go. 

Our mission -  We are a group of professionals coming together to build everyone’s dream with our passion. Keeping to style, performance and ingenuity while maintaining authenticity.

The Ponderosa
Our new line of 64-66 crew cab, starting at $150,000. Comes with a great deal of leg room for those in the back seat.
The Duke in the desert
Our custom K50 Chevy crew cab the Duke, has all the bells and whistles.

A basic K50 crew cab starts at $150,000.00
The Bulldog 3
K50 Blazer starting at $150,000.00
The K-56
The new K-56 will be powered by a 550 horsepower 12 valve 5.9 Cummins. Backed up buy a 47rh and a 205 transfer case. Rough and rugged on the outside, with all of the Creature Comforts on the inside. The K 56 is the ultimate Game of Life vehicle. Starts at $200,000.00
Custom build 1969 Chevy crew cab. All 4 doors open and drives like a new truck. Never built by GM but they should have. Follow the build on The 67-72 Chevy truck Forum
72' Granite K50 Suburban
Taking the C50 platform and transforming it into a suburban with 4 doors.
Texas Longhorn
The additional 71/2" in the back of cab will give plenty of room for your passengers.
"The Drill Sergeant"
The K50 Truck that can go anywhere. Pricing starts at $100,000.00 for similar build.
65 Blazer starting at $130,000.00
A static dropped 65' Blazer in a rich deep silver with garnet interior.
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